CID Milestones


April 19

Our vision for CID 2019 is to have more delegates from tier II and tier III Indian towns. We are aiming to have more International speakers and delegates from countries such as Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and other SEA countries. This year, we shall leverage technology to further improve the outreach.

April 19

Fifth edition of the CID scaled heights like never before. It was the first 3-day format with over 2300 participating delegates, over 130 Indian and International speakers.

April 19

Fourth edition of CID witnessed over 1800 participating delegates, over 100 Indian speakers and 6 International speakers.

April 19

Third edition of CID attracted 100+ key opinion leaders from across India as speakers & chairpersons.

April 19

Second edition of CID attracted over 1250 doctors, specialists and super specialists. It was a 2-day conference in Mumbai

April 19

First edition of the CID had over 750 doctors and healthcare professionals. It was a 2-day conference in Mumbai.

May 5

CID was first conceptualized in 2013. The objective was to create a large forum for diabetes education.

July 19

UDF was launched in 2008