What is DRIVE
Project DRIVE is all about disposing residential injectable waste very effectively. DRIVE is an initiative by UDF to help patients dispose biomedical waste safely. 
How to Participate in DRIVE
Any practicing physician with a brick-n-mortar presence can participate in project DRIVE. Posters to be displayed in all Clinics / Hospitals that are a part of DRIVE
How does Project DRIVE works
Patient are encouraged to collect biomedical waste at their residence and bring the same to the DRIVE affiliated clinic. The clinic is then expected to dispose the biomedical waste in a Red Bag.

Waste segregation

Hospital bio-medical waste can be classified into four categories:

  • Yellow: This includes post operative body parts, placenta, plaster of paris, pathological waste, cotton waste, dressing material, beddings, body fluid contaminated paper and cloth, face mask/cap and more.
  • White/Translucent: This includes needles, syringes with fixed needles, blades, scalpels and more.
  • Red: This includes syringes without needles, I.V. set, catheters, gloves, urine bag, dialysis kit, IV bottles and more..
  • Blue: This includes all glass- and mettle-based waste.

Need for Project DRIVE

  • We have to manage to safely dispose off the bio medical waste being generated at residences by patients.
  • This is particularly true of patients who use insulins and are involved in frequent monitoring of their blood glucose.
  • Unfortunately, no mechanism exists to take care of this waste.
  • It is estimated that there are more than 70 million Indians with diabetes, and almost all of them at some or the other time have generated bio medical waste.
  • The size of the problem is enormous

The DRIVE Workflow

  • All participating doctors will stock red colored bags.
  • These red bags are specially made for the disposal of bio-medical waste.
  • The doctors will distribute these bags to their patients.
  • Patients will be encouraged to collect their bio-medical waste in these bags.
  • They are expected to give their filled bags to the Doctor.
  • Doctor will then dispose off the bio-medical waste safely.